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Year 11 Homework Timetable

This timetable states what work you will receive, when and for how long.  Complete the work on the night set to stay organised and to help you with your workload.

Hand homework in on time to a good standard and you will be rewarded with 1 homework merit point each time!

Not only this but you will benefit from 5 to 8 months additional progress in your learning.

If you fail to hand work in on time you will be given one more day where you MUST hand the work in to the teacher (or your form tutor) by break time or you WILL be issued a H0.  Getting the work in within the extra day will avoid a H0 but you will not be rewarded with a merit.

If you are issued with a H0 – You will have to attend the Subject Support Session on a Monday or a Wednesday. Further information on H0 – Subject Support Sessions



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