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The Use of Targets

SGB uses a range of data in order to set challenging yet realistic targets for all students. We do not routinely give students or parents the targets as in some cases they can be seen as a glass ceiling or demotivating, therefore we use them only internally for whole school monitoring.

Target setting data

We use KS2 SATs as the main baseline data to set targets as this is the most current academic data we have when children arrive in Y7.  We also conduct baseline assessments during the Autumn term of Y7 in most subjects to discover the progress that students have made since joining the school.  This allows SGB to modify any targets as children progress through KS3.  We also conduct CATs – these test a number of skills and allows us to both target set and identify any strengths/weaknesses which can be addressed.

Subjects assess regularly throughout the year in all Key Stages this allows SBG to check students’ progress as necessary and intervene in and out of the classroom when appropriate.


Students are monitored based upon the progress they make from their relative starting points, are they developing the knowledge, understand and skills in individual subjects to achieve overall.  The Progress and Welfare team meet weekly to identify any individuals who are not making the progress they should and intervention plans are put into place to support their progress via the House System.