Sir Graham Balfour School

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Student Support and Help

We have high expectations of you, and we have high aspirations for you.  Equally, we are here for you if you need help or support.

Complete the homework on the day it is set.  This will make it much more manageable and avoid you feeling overwhelmed with a lot to do to meet the deadline.

Always choose a quiet, productive place to complete your homework in. 

Remove any distractions, phones, or TVs etc.

The homework should not take more time than the allocated time (see homework timetable).  We also do not want you working over the allocated time or working over the weekend.  This usually happens if you do not follow the homework timetable and you do not complete the work on the day it is set.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or you feel you cannot keep up with the work, please speak to your form tutor in the first instance to see how we can help you.

If some homework is taking longer to complete than expected speak to your teacher.

When your year group has assessments/PPEs, the homework building up to it will be the revision. You are not expected to complete revision on top of the homework. In the homework preceding the assessment the end date will be the day the assessment is on.

During your assessment weeks/PPEs you will NOT be set new homework.



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