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Scholars' Award

The Balfour Scholars’ Award

This an additional award that students in Years 7, 8 and 9 can work towards achieving each academic year.

The aim of the award is to encourage students to complete additional academic tasks outside of the classroom.

Every subject has provided additional tasks that students can carry out independently so they can work towards achieving the award.


Students simply chose a task, complete it and then send evidence of the completed task to their subject teachers via email. The evidence of this work is passed to Miss McConnachie who oversees the award.


The award runs from September to mid- June and there are four levels to the award;

Bronze award can be achieved by completing 5 tasks.

Silver Award can be achieved by completing 10 tasks.

Gold Award can be achieved by completing 15 tasks.

Platinum Award can be achieved by completing 20 tasks.


This is an excellent opportunity for students to develop a love of learning for the subjects they are interested in. We hope that it also instils the need to strive for excellence in our students.


Parents and students can listen to this PowerPoint below to gain more understanding about the award.



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