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Religion and World Views

Curriculum Intent

In Religion and World Views we aim to enhance students’ awareness of the impact of religion on individuals, families, communities and cultures. In order to develop students’ understanding of religious belief and its role it plays in making human life meaningful in the 21st century. Through the curriculum, teachers aim to develop conceptual understanding of key concepts such as beliefs & teaching; expressing meaning; identity & belonging; purpose & truth; diversity; morality; values & commitments; figures of authority and sources of wisdom. In doing this we will also address key skills which enable students to reflect, consider, analyse, interpret, communicate and evaluate ideas about faith and truth. Our curriculum has been chosen to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of different belief systems. We want to encourage students to develop their sense of identity and belonging in the modern world, in order to prepare them for adult life as they take their place in the workplace and wider aspects of a multifaith society and the wider global community. In doing so, the subject aims to challenge misconceptions by enabling students to develop respect and sensitivity towards everyone in 21st century British society.

Key Stage 4 Exam Specification:

  • AQA GCSE Religious Studies A


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