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Philosophy and Ethics

Subject overview

“Philosophy and Ethics at Sir Graham Balfour School follows the AQA GCSE in Religious Studies. Within this specification students are encouraged to develop their knowledge and understanding of religious and non-religious beliefs, teachings and practices. In addition, students are able to develop their ability to construct well-argued, well-informed judgements both verbally and in written form in relation to a range of key issues which affect and influences the lives of people in the 21st century, considering them from both religious and non-religious viewpoints.”


Exam Board – AQA Religious Studies A

Brief overview of modules studied:

Students will study 2 key components during the course of this qualification.

1. The Study of Religions: Beliefs, Teachings & Practices

Students will study the main beliefs and practices in Christianity and Islam. They will explore how the selected religions influence the lives of individuals, communities and societies on a range of scales as well as develop an understanding of the specific beliefs, teachings and practices which underpin the religions. This will enable students to discuss and analyse key issues from specific religious perspectives.

2. Thematic Studies

Students will study this component from the Christian perspective. Building on their work in component 1 they will study four key themes – Relationships and Families, Religion, Peace and conflict; Religion and Life; Religion, crime and punishment. This will allow students to study different philosophical and ethical arguments surrounding a range of 21st century issues in order to understand how these impact on and influence the modern world.


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