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Parent Introduction

Research evidence shows that homework, on average, can add five to eight months’ additional progress each year for your child.  The research is clear, homework has an integral role to play to improve the academic achievement of your child.  It is because of this that we have introduced a structured homework timetable for all years.  The timetable will stipulate what homework your child will be set and on what day. Your child can use the timetable to keep organised and to help with workload.  The expectation is that your child completes the work set on the same evening, although we will give reasonable deadlines to complete the work in.

Your child will be rewarded for very good pieces of homework completed on time (merit/s will be issued).  If they fail to hand the work in on the deadline, they will be put on a Subject Support Session.  No demerits are given, but we will insist they turn up to a support session, after school, staffed by teachers of the faculty, to receive support and complete the work.

However, before it gets to that stage please see below the proactive support that will be in place for your child prior to the homework being handed in.  Your child will be able to:

  • Ask the teacher in lesson for advice/clarification etc. about the task.
  • Speak to the teacher at the end of the lesson/break/lunch for advice or clarification if they are too shy to ask in class.
  • Choose to attend a Subject Support Session on a Monday or Wednesday (up to 1hr after school) where a member of staff will be on hand to provide advice and help with the homework.
  • Choose to use the school’s Learning Resource Centre after school or at lunch for a quiet place to complete the homework and use the resources (open every day until 4.30pm).
  • Make use of the structured timetable that will ensure no more than two pieces of work being set on the same night. 

If your child fails to hand homework in on the deadline:

  • No demerits will be given but, they will be issued with a H0 Subject Support Session where they will have to attend a support session on a Monday or Wednesday after school for an hour.  This is staffed by our teachers who are on hand to support your child.

If a lot of deadlines are missed, or it appears that your child is struggling with their homework, to ensure they do not fall behind in their learning:

  • H1 Compulsory Homework Club will be issued by their Year Head.  Compulsory homework club will take place Monday to Thursday after school, where your child will be provided with structured support to ensure they catch up on work missed while also establishing effective learning habits by completing their homework.


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