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Parent Information on Subject Support Sessions

Each faculty runs their own Subject Support Sessions on a Monday and a Wednesday after school for an hour. 

Students can also choose to go to these to complete their homework and receive additional support from a member of staff within that faculty.

However, some students will be issued with a Subject Support Session  (this appears as H0 on the SIMS Parent App) if they fail to complete the homework by the deadline date.  In this instance they must attend the Support Session for an hour after school on the designated day {Support and Help page }.   Parents of students affected by this will be notified the day before and can use the SIMS Parent App to see further details of the subject(s) in which homework was not completed.  No demerits are issued when homework is not completed, however to prevent your child from falling behind in their learning they must attend the Subject Support Session.

It is important to remember that we are placing this level of important on homework due to the positive impact that it has on attainment and progress for your child.  Homework, on average, can add five to eight months’ additional progress each year for your child, it also helps with developing the skills your child needs in order to become an effective independent learner.  These skills will support your child all the way through their time in education.

Each faculty runs their own Subject Support Session on a Monday and a Wednesday after school for an hour.  The rooms that each Faculty runs these sessions in are listed below:

  • Maths Faculty – 439
  • Expressive Arts and PE Faculty – 53
  • Science – 420
  • Technology – 12
  • Humanities - 430/432
  • English – 34/36
  • Languages - 42

Additional sessions for students who fail to do three or more homeworks a week will be placed on a Tuesday or Thursday sessions in the following rooms below:

Week 1 - Tuesday 413

Week 1 - Thursday 413

Week 2 - Tuesday 458

Week 2 - Thursday 413


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