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Child Development

Subject overview

This course in Child Development is an exciting course for those students wanting to study how children develop. It will enable students to develop applied knowledge and practical skills.  It covers all aspects of child development and parental responsibility, from conception to five years.

Taking Child Development will help you develop many skills. You will mainly work independently producing your own assessments however, some work in lessons are group tasks. You need to be well organised especially when it comes to the child study and you need to meet with parents and children. Communication, researching and problem solving are all key transferable skills taught throughout the course. 

This course provides a useful introduction for those students who are interested in working in the caring professions, training to work with young children, or give the foundations for further study. GNVQ Health and Social Care and other relevant post 16 courses such as CACHE awards and BTEC Early Years courses are available locally.  It also forms a valuable introduction to parenthood and the responsibilities involved.


Exam Board – OCR Cambridge National

There are three main areas of study in KS4:

R018: Health and well-being for child development

In R018, students will learn about the roles and responsibilities of parenthood, from pre-conception through antenatal to postnatal care. Students will develop an appreciation of the importance of creating the best conditions for a child to thrive. R018 is assessed externally as a written exam and is worth 50% of the overall grade.

The following units of work are centre assessed task and moderated by OCR.

R019: Understand the equipment and nutritional needs of children from birth to five years

In R019, students will learn about the range of equipment used to care for children and the nutritional requirements from birth to five years. Students will demonstrate their knowledge of nutritional requirements in a practical activity.

R020: Understand the development of a child from birth to five years

In R020, students will investigate the developmental norms of children from birth to five years. They will apply and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding through practical activities.


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