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Assessment and Reports


Assessments will be carried out in every subject, in every year group, at times spaced throughout the year.  These formal assessments will inform the student, parents and staff of how well students are doing at a particular point.  On-going, informal assessment is constant throughout the year in lessons and will inform the teacher of the best ways to help students make even more progress.  We have arranged for all students to sit Hall-based ‘pre-public exams’ which will help to prepare them for the rigours of real GCSE and A level examinations.  We will produce formal reports of their results which will be distributed to students as well as being displayed on the Gateway for parents to see.  Please see the timeline of events below for more information.

Students will be issued in advance with an exam timetable, showing them the time and name of the exam.  Detailed seating plans are displayed in school in plenty of time, and students are made aware of the requirements for participating in both pre-public and public exams.  Students are required to hand in their mobile telephones before an exam.  Full details of exam procedures can be found below.



Parents will receive up to four Attitude to Learning Reports each year alongside an Attainment and Target report.  The Attitude to Learning Report shows a wealth of information and judgements made against the very demanding descriptors.  These are designed to show in fine detail all the ways in which attitude can positively or adversely affect a student’s progress. These reports will be finely scrutinised by your child’s House Tutor or House Tutor Two and discussions of the contents will take place at each reporting point. Each student will be assessed as Outstanding, Good, or Requiring Improvement against each descriptor – there is no longer a ‘Satisfactory’ judgement.  The Attainment and Target report will show clearly how well a student is achieving in each of the key areas of any given subject.  Where their achievement is less than ‘Outstanding’ a target will be set which will help them to make progress.  Both reports are stored and accessed on the Gateway, but should parents choose to receive a paper copy, please alert us in writing and we will post them out.


Examination Procedures