Sir Graham Balfour School

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Activities & Clubs

At Sir Graham Balfour School we offer a vast range of extracurricular clubs and seasonal sporting  activities, they include:

  • Book Club,
  • Reading Club,
  • Virtual Car Racing Club,
  • Fantasy Football,
  • Maths Challenge,
  • Maths Surgery,
  • Stringtastic,
  • Concert Band,
  • Vocal  Elite,
  • Samba Band,
  • Music Theory,
  • Cubase Club,
  • Games Club,
  • Christian Union,
  • Science Club,
  • Football,
  • Netball,
  • Trampolining,
  • Fitness Suite,
  • Rugby,
  • Cheerleading,
  • Gymnastics,
  • Climbing,
  • Dance,
  • Athletics,
  • Cricket,
  • Tennis,
  • Rounders,
  • Table Tennis,
  • Volleyball,
  • Art Club,
  • Cooking Club,
  • How to Build a Computer Club,
  • Animation Club and ICT Support

We also have a very popular Nail Art club and an origami club started this year.

In addition there are also foreign trips to Paris, Normandy, the Rhineland, Spain and the chance to go skiing. We have several Futures Days during the school year. These allow our students to enrich their learning by participating in a wide range of activities, trips, visits from outside speakers and cross curricular activities.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the wide range of educational opportunities beyond the normal school day.


Sport at Sir Graham Balfour is very popular and we run a number of sporting activities at lunch times and after school. We aim to cater for all abilities and are proud of the number of students who are involved.

We offer a range of clubs where everyone is welcome to join. Students build on skills, improve fitness levels and develop confidence. Some of the clubs we offer include; basketball, football, table tennis, rounders, trampolining, climbing, netball, cricket, tennis, athletics, rugby and many more. 

Different clubs are run on a termly basis to encourage students to take part in as many different activities as possible. We also have a multi gym which is very popular with students wishing to improve their health and fitness.

Students also have the opportunity to represent school in competitive fixtures where we have been very successful, winning a number of District and County competitions.


We have a very wide range of opportunities available for students who are interested in music.  Choirs, bands and ensembles feature highly and build on the large number of our students who have instrumental lessons arranged through the school.  If your child wishes to learn an instrument, please contact our Head of Music.  A small charge is made to help towards our costs, with help given to the family of any student entitled to a free school meal.

Lunchtime Clubs

There is always at least one club at lunchtime.  We would encourage your children to make good use of their lunchtime, for instance, by using the computers/reading in the DAC Centre/taking part in sports practices.

Such activities are a wonderful way to make friends. All computers are available at break and lunchtimes, provided they are used appropriately; computer games are not allowed.

PE Extra Curricular Activities

SGB Enrichment Schedule

Academic Year 2017/18

date posted: Friday 5 Jan 2018


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