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Food Technology Newsletter - May 2020

Newsletter - May 2020

Food Nutrition and Preparation Newsletter - May 2020

Key Stage Three

On Monday 8th May groups will be changing on the Design and Technology Rotation. Those of you that are currently with Ms Mitchell will be changing to Food Preparation and Nutrition. Whilst there is no expectation for your child to cook the week’s technical dish as totally recognise the difficulty in sourcing ingredients., it would be great if your child can continue to cook a home.  Even if they do so in the evening or at the weekend. PowerPoints will be made available, as well as recipe books, and suggestions for how ingredients can be changed to reduce food wastage. If your child wants to make another dish using the ingredients available in your home that is also acceptable. I just require a picture of the dish they have made to show they have used the hour,  alongside a completed evaluation.  All technical recipes and written tasks will be placed on Office 365. If you cannot see Food as a separate folder then you need to go via DT folder. All work will be dated.

Technical Skill Lessons  for  w/c 18th May 

Year Seven        Flapjack    

Year Eight         Cheese Sauce      

Year Nine          Profiteroles

Celebration of Student Achievement

During recent weeks, I have been overwhelmed with the quality of food that students have ben making at home. It really is  lovely to receive emails of your lovely food and smiling faces. Please keep this going.

This week we are celebrating work of the following students, some of whom have received Head Teacher Awards.

Cameron, Marcus, Isaac, Ayden, Sophie, Tom, George, and Erin.

Jamie in Year Seven for competing all Year Seven Written work to a high standard.

Macie in Year 7 was the overall winner of the Food Easter Scholar Challenges.


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