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ACTIVITY DAY - Monday 18th July 2022


Dear Parent/ Carer

With temperatures expected to be high on Activity Day (18th July), students must attend school/ trips with a sun hat, suncream and plenty of fluids, a refillable water bottle is advised.  Adaptations will be made where appropriate to provide adequate opportunity for shelter and intake of fluids on these days. 

Students who are out on trips during Activity Day will be reminded to ensure they limit their exposure to the sun and to ensure they stay hydrated and seek shade where possible.  Activities led by staff will be adapted where possible to allow for more rest and shade if necessary.  Can I take this opportunity to remind all Parents and Carers that uniform does not need to be worn on Activity Day but clothing will still need to be appropriate for the school environment; excessively short or revealing clothing is not allowed.  On Activity Day all of the activities will be finishing at the normal school times apart from the trips below. Parents and Carers will need to ensure they have arranged for their child to be collected or walk home at the later time.  Please keep in mind the arrival times given on the letters sent home are approximate and will depend upon traffic.

The Crocky Trail- 4pm

Alton Towers- 6.30pm

Drayton Manor- 5.30pm

The Trafford Centre- 5.30pm

Fishing- Arrival at venue (not school) 8.45 am and collection from venue at 3.30pm

If your child is remaining in school, the dining hall will be open but is operating a very limited service due to the number of students who require it.  Students on free school meals will be provided with a packed lunch on this day.

For students in school on Activity Day (18th July) there is a possibility that we may have an ice cream van at lunch time, please send your child with a small amount of money if you would like them to be able to purchase an ice cream.


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