Sims Learning Gateway

12-March-2018 Many parents have reported "Unauthorised Access" error when logging onto SIMS Parent. This is a global issue and Capita is currently investigating it. We will update here when the issue is resolved. Thank you for your patience.

Please CLICK HERE to access SIMS Parent Site to access your child/ children's details. Gateway is now no longer available and has been replaced by SIMS Parent.

You can also download the App for SIMS Parent by searching for "SIMS Parent" on respective App store on your phone.


A letter was emailed out to all parent regarding this switchover (click here )and you should also have received activation link for SIMS Parent subsequently. 

If you have not received the activation email or have any issues regarding SIMS Parent, please contact , providing full name of your child and yourself.

SIMS Parent app/site FAQs:

Q1. When will I receive my activation link for SIMS Parent app/site?
A1. You should receive by the end of Friday 15th Sept 2017. The link will be sent to your email address which is held on school system.

Q2. I haven't received the activation code even after Friday 15th 2017?
A2. Please allow up to a couple of days after Friday 15th 2017 for the activation code to arrive. If it still hasn't arrived after that time, it may mean that you've yet to provide school with an email address or the email address provided is not the current one you use or incorrect. In such cases please contact . Also, please ensure you check your JUNK mail folder as well.

Q3. I still have access to Gateway. When will it stop working?
A3. Gateway will cease to operate from 29th September 2017.

Q4. Is there SIMS Parent app for all mobile operating systems?
A4. If you use Apple or Android mobile devices, you can download the app from the App Store by searching for SIMS Parent. There is no app for Windows Phone.

Q5. Can I access SIMS Parent from a computer, laptop or Windows Phone?
A5. You can access SIMS Parent site by going to .

Q6. After typing my username and password, the registration seems to be taking a while.
A6. The registration after you provided your credential can take few minutes to conclude.