The Sixth Form

We have a thriving Sixth Form at Sir Graham Balfour School.  We work hard to ensure that the school, parents and students can work together to ensure that students achieve their highest possible grades.

Within the Sixth Form each student has an Academic Mentor, whose main focus is to guide students successfully through their next two years.  They will discuss academic progress and concerns, as well as help with issues such as organisational difficulties and study skills.   Each student will be set an appointment with his or her Academic Mentor each half term.

In the Sixth Form we also run Enrichment once a week. Students take part in a variety of activities to help them with careers, financial awareness, applications for employment/university etc. We will also run sessions to help students identify their particular learning styles and the strategies they can use in order to aid their learning.

Each student’s attendance is closely monitored. If unauthorised/authorised attendance falls below 95% there will be a letter sent home, and if attendance falls below 92% parents will be contacted directly to make them aware of the absences and to help us address any problems the student may be experiencing.

Sixth Form students and their parents are asked to agree to the Stafford Collegiate Behavioural Contract, which all the partner schools follow.