Parents' Evenings and Reports

Reports and Communication

We place great emphasis on developing our partnership with parents; at set points in the year we communicate with parents via a full report (with comments written by staff) and several short reports (which show grades for behaviour, effort, homework and current attainment). Parents and students are also invited to attend the annual Parents’ Evening, in order to speak in person with relevant staff. Parents can also keep a constant eye on their sons or daughter’s attendance, achievements and current attainment via our Parent Gateway, for which parents receive a user name and password upon application. We also operate the ‘School comms’ system, which allows communication via email and SMS messaging to take place. We send a text message to a parent when a child is absent and no prior notice of absence has been given; this helps to ensure that both parents and the school know where a child is at any point in the day. In addition, we are increasing the amount of information we send electronically, rather than by traditional methods; emails and updates on our website are key communication channels.

We are always pleased to arrange an individual discussion about your child's progress.  This can be done by making an appointment by either telephoning or writing to the House Tutor or House Head.