Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance

If you require any information regarding financial assistance please contact the school business manager as this will be based on personal circumstances.

The School’s charging and remissions policy

The Governing Body of any school can only charge for school activities as set out in the Education Act 1996: Sections 449-462 and any such charges may only be levied if there is an appropriate Charging and Remissions Policy in place.

Please use this link to view Sir Graham Balfour’s Policy on this.

Stafford Educational Endowment Charity for past students aged up to 25                              

Purpose of the fund

The fund can provide you with financial support which is not normally provided by the school or by the Local Authority.  Recently grants have been in the region of £100 to £500.

Who can benefit from the fund?

Young people who have been a pupil at any one of the six Stafford high schools.  You can apply for support up to your 26th birthday. Grants are awarded to help and support a variety of activities which have a cultural or educational benefit such as:

* Apprentice Schemes * Residential courses * Duke of Edinburgh projects
* World challenge expeditions * Scientific field work * Operation Raleigh projects
* Theatre and cultural activities * Cadet Activities * Overseas expeditions
* Sporting endeavours * Musical activities * Voluntary work in third world countries

Students invariably show a high level of personal commitment and frequently bring benefits to others.

Meetings of the Trustees 

These are usually held in October, February and June when applications are considered.

Feedback on Activities

The trustees welcome information following the completion of the activity either as a short personal presentation or as a written report.

To complete the online application for a grant from this fund please click here.