Options Process: Year 9 & Year 11

Year 9 - Options Process (Pathways)

Throughout Year 9, students will receive guidance and information on the Options Process, or as we call it, our Pathways process.  In January of Year 9, parents and students will be invited to attend a Pathways Meeting at which a member of Leadership Group will discuss the process and suggest appropriate courses from which to choose.  Students will then be asked to submit their Pathways form, showing the subjects they would like to study for the next two years.  Further discussions may then ensue, with the result that students will know the subjects they will be following in the June before they begin Year 10.

Further details can be obtained from Mrs Beck or Mr Parry.

Year 11 -  Options Process

This replicates the Year 9 Pathways process almost identically, except that, in the Year 11 Pathways Meeting, a member of Leadership Group or the Head of Sixth will discuss alternative providers for courses or training post-16.

Further details can be obtained from Mr Hancock

Year 11 - Continuing to Sixth Form

In the Sixth Form students study fewer subjects than in Year 11 but spend considerably more time on each one.  There is no formal homework timetable, although it is essential that a substantial amount of work is done outside lessons.  This may amount to 4 hours a week for each  AS or BTEC subject, making up to 16 hours each week!  Students also have private study periods which helps them to organise their work and leisure in ways best suited to their personal lifestyle, including access to the fitness room.  This helps them prepare for later life, whether at work or in higher education.

The Sixth Form has its own exclusive study area in the Upper DAC as well as access to the departmental computer bases.   Students who choose to stay on at Sir Graham Balfour, in order to achieve higher qualifications, are expected to use their time wisely.

Sir Graham Balfour is part of the Stafford Collegiate.  This means there is a much broader choice of subjects and type of qualification available.  For example, a student could take English  ‘A’ Level at Sir Graham Balfour, a BTEC in Health and Social Care at the Chetwynd Centre and two other subjects at either centre, or indeed if they so choose, take 4 AS subjects at Sir Graham Balfour.