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    It has been brought to our attention concern around an app called Yellow. 

    The NSPCC has expressed concerns regarding the new ‘dating app’ for children called Yellow.  

    The Yellow app is aimed at teenagers labelled ‘Tinder for kids’ and is promoted as an app “to make amazing new friends”

    The Government’s child protection rapporteur warns the app is aimed at teenagers, poses dangers and is causing alarm among child protection experts.

    The following article may be of some interest to you:-


    Students who need to use crutches

    For the attention of Parents/Carers 

    If your child has sustained an injury and needs to use crutches for a short period of time, please ask your son/daughter to report to the main reception to collect a temporary medical card and be advised on the procedures to support them in and around the school site.

    Many thanks.

    Mrs Hartley

    Senior Assistant Headteacher



    Internet Safety

    For the attention of Parents/Carers 

    Please see below links to 2 new resources we believe will help support you and your child/children to ensure they browse the internet as safely as possible. 


    The Child Exploitation Online Protection team have announced the launch of 'Nude Selfies: What Parents and Carers Need to Know'. This is a series of four short animated films for parents and carers offering advice on how to help keep their children safe from the risks associated with sharing nude and nearly nude images. They aim to empower parents and carers by helping them:

    -         Understand young people’s motivations for sending nude selfies.

    -         Plan to respond positively and constructively if they find out their child has shared a nude selfie.

    -         Gain confidence and skills in initiating preventative conversations.

    -         Identify risky behaviours or situations, and know when to seek help.

    -         Know how to get help if a child is at risk after sharing an image.



    K9 is a free internet filter and parental control software for your home Windows or Mac computer, Android phone or iphone. 

    It is a user-friendly piece of software which allows you to set various levels of control; you can block or allow certain sites and view your child’s internet history.  

    We are aware that some parents are already using this software and appreciate the peace of mind that their child is safe when browsing the internet. 

    You can download the app for free on your child’s phone, or by following the link below to download it onto a computer.