Homework / Controlled Assessment

We believe that it is important for all students to develop good independent study habits. To assist with this all students will be set homework throughout their time at Sir Graham Balfour.

Students and Parents are able to view all homework set, including days to be handed in, via the Gateway. Parents of students in the school should contact Reception who will be pleased to give guidance on how to access the Gateway.

Homework is a vital part of students’ learning. It encourages the essential skill of independent learning, gives them the opportunity of reviewing work done in school and enables them to extend their work in breadth and depth. Homework will vary in nature and might include writing, revising, research, practical investigations or reading. Our DAC learning resource centre is open every day until 4.20pm and this provides a safe and private study area in which students may work. Students are welcome to use the DAC after school to complete their homework.

We have deliberately moved away from a structure where homework is set to a routine timetable: we have found that tasks set in this way can be ineffective, set at times when learning is not secure or when appropriate points have not yet been reached.  Faculties will now set homework when it is appropriate, usually at the end of a unit of work, or when teachers need to see the quality of learning and understanding which has arisen at that given point.  This may well mean that on occasion a student will have no set homework to do, and at others, they may have four or more pieces to be done within a set time scale.  We ask parents to help organise their children and encourage them to carry out revision or additional reading when they have a fallow period of time.  Teachers will always ensure that sufficient time is given for students to complete homework.  The feedback given after every piece of homework will point the way forward to improvement.  Again, we would ask parents to show an interest in this and encourage students to consider carefully what their teachers have said.

For more detailed information please read the faculty information sheets which describe the types of homework likely to be set and the frequency of them.

Faculty Information Sheets

Art Food Year 9 Modern Foreign Languages
Business-Studies Food preparationYear 10 Music
Child Development Year 10 Food Year 11 PE
Computing KS3 and GCSE ICT Geography Resistant Materials and Engineering
English Graphics Science
Food Year 7 History Textiles
Food Year 8 Maths  


Please  click below for the school's Homework Policy.