Attendance & Absence Procedure


    Students’ attendance at Sir Graham Balfour School is generally very good. If a student is absent, however, we try to contact parents during the first day to discover the reason. This helps ensure that parents are aware of their child’s whereabouts.

    All lessons are now registered electronically so that absence or patterns of absence are identified early. Parents are expected to play their part in this vital process by communicating as early as possible any absences and any changesin address, e-mail or telephone details. Lateness is also recorded and, again, wecontact parents to discuss how to resolve the problem.

    Absence from School

    If a student is going to be absent from school, please follow the following procedure:-

    1. A quick phone call before school on 01785 223490
      Messages may be left on the answer phone system from 5.00 pm to 9.30 am daily.
    2. A note confirming an absence to Reception (to update records on his/her return).
    3. Dental/Medical appointments:  a parental note or an appointment card shown to Reception who will issue a Temporary Pass before attending the appointment (advance notice is vital).  The note/card should also be shown to the House Tutor. 
    4. Any student who needs to leave the school premises during the day must "sign out" and "sign in" in the book kept in Reception for this purpose. 
    5. Students may sign out half an hour before any appointment.   Please note, local appointments are usually limited to a maximum of 2 hours.

    We will contact you by telephone or text message via the School Comms system on the first day of any absence if you have not rung us to give a reason why your child is not in school.  You can reply to this text message but please do not use it to report a child absent in the first instance this must be done by a phone call.

    Illness at School

    Every possible care is taken of students but accidents and illness can happen to anyone at any time, it is therefore vitally important that we always have accurate work or emergency contact numbers. Please do not forget to let us know of any alterations, including changing a land line/mobile phone number or email address.

    If your child has any illness or medical problems do let us know.

    Please be aware that no member of staff is allowed to give your child non prescribed medication, for instance aspirin; paracetamol.

    If a student is injured, or becomes ill during the school day, it is important they tell their subject teacher who, if necessary, will inform the Student Support Manager/Main Reception. Several staff are qualified First Aiders.

    If it is thought necessary students may be taken to hospital for treatment.  In this situation, or if it is thought advisable for the student to be taken home, you will always be contacted.  Students will never be taken or sent home unless we know there is a responsible adult to receive them.