Achievement & Behaviour


Students at Sir Graham Balfour are consistently rewarded for positive behaviour in school, primarily through our system of House Points.  These are awarded instantly for such things as good responses and effort in class, helpfulness, outstanding attendance and good behaviour.  Exceptional pieces of work are often sent for a Headteacher’s Award which is worth 10 House Points.  Students can choose to trade their House Points for prizes in our House Point Shop, against such items as memory sticks, bottle coolers, general stationery and pencil cases.  In addition, there is a termly House Point Draw where students have the opportunity to win high-street shopping vouchers.  Each House Point received during the term represents a raffle ticket in the draw; therefore all students stand a chance of winning, but the more House Points they have, the better their chance!  The House Point Draws are always extremely popular amongst the students and they contribute to the fun and excitement of our reward system.

Each year students are also rewarded for their continued hard work throughout the school year in a Celebration Evening, for which teachers nominate students for outstanding effort and progress and award specific subject awards to students who have particularly excelled in their subject.  Parents are encouraged to attend these evenings to share in the celebration of their child’s success.

Secret Student also runs for a week at the end of each Half Term, whereby five students from each House are selected in secret and at random.  The chosen students’ House Points are totalled at the end of the week, the winners are revealed and the winning House wins 250 House Points.

In the main entrance to the school, we also display our ‘Star Students’.  Teachers nominate students throughout the year who have worked well in class, who shine out, are helpful and well-mannered and who are deserving of recognition.  When a student receives three nominations they receive a certificate in assembly, a prize and a text message home.  Their name is also displayed on the ‘Star Students’ board in reception for the entirety of the academic year.

Sir Graham Balfour therefore fosters a culture of encouraging and recognising achievement and rewarding those students who excel and make every effort to succeed. 



Each House competes against the other Houses in areas such as sport, culture and community.  The House with the greatest number of House Points at the end of the academic year is declared the winner of the House Point Competition.  Students in the winning House are rewarded with a variety of celebrations during the summer term, including a ‘celebration breakfast’ on the morning following the announcement of the winning House.


The school attaches great importance to the maintenance and encouragement of good behaviour and respect for others.  It is only in an ordered atmosphere that education, both academic and social, can take place effectively.

For more detailed information please see the school's Behaviour for Learning Policy below;

Education is very much a three way process involving parents/carers, their children and the school.  The school will, therefore, involve parents/carers at an early stage in behavioural matters if it appears that a particular form of misbehaviour is becoming persistent.  Our “Behaviour for Learning” system is aimed at minimising any disruption to students’ learning.  Apart from increasing opportunities to achieve rewards,  it also offers a range of Behaviour Consequences (BC1 to BC5) which result from children’s behaviour falling below the standard that is reasonably expected of them.  The BCs, as we call them, cover a range of sanctions which will encourage keen attitudes to learning.  They also give parents/carers a detailed picture of how their son/daughter behaves in lessons.


Detentions (during the school day and after school) are one of the main sanctions available to the school.  These may be given for failure to complete classwork/homework, repeated misbehaviour or for a particularly serious incident.

If a student is issued with a lunchtime detention and fails to attend they will be detained for a 1 hour detention after school on the next available day without notice.  If a student fails to attend any 1 hour detention they will be detained for 2 hours after school on the next available day without notice. 

Should a detention be issued, the detention date is set by administration staff and a student’s name will appear on a list of detentions displayed on a board between the MFL and Expressive Arts corridors.  It is the student’s responsibility to check the detention list to see what date has been given for them to attend the detention.

From September 1998 all schools have had a legal right to detain students after school, even without parental consent.  The Government has now strengthened the school’s position by introducing statutory powers regarding behaviour and discipline through the Education and Inspections Act 2006 which came into effect in April 2007. 

We are extremely fortunate here in the support we receive, however, and are most grateful that parents of children who receive detentions do support the school in our efforts to maintain the highest standards of behaviour and work.

Further sanctions may, for example, involve students being placed 'on report' or even being withdrawn from some lessons. 


Sir Graham Balfour is a completely non-smoking site. Any student who offends will be dealt with and parents will be involved in the process.

For more detailed information on this please see the School's Substance Misuse Policy:

Anti-bullying policy

For more detailed information please see the School's full Anti-Bullying Policy:

At Sir Graham Balfour School our approach is based on our comprehensive anti-bullying policy. We provide numerous opportunities for children to talk confidentially about their concerns. This includes talking to: house tutors, a House Head, Student Support Officer, Learning Mentors or a member of the Leadership Team. We tackle bullying within the curriculum and offer lunch time drop-in sessions run by our peer mentors. When serious and persistent problems occur senior staff are always involved. The school has been awarded the Staffordshire Anti-Bullying Pledge Plus Status.